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From Training and Toolkits, to Strategy and Solutions.

Vulnerability in the FS world is a broad topic and challenge; it can be hard to know where to start.

Helen has been great in not only facilitating collaborative sessions but offering practical advice, guidance and suggestions on pinpointing next steps.

If you haven't joined one of the collaborative sessions, I'd recommend it!.

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Who are your Vulnerable Customers?


Do you know who your vulnerable customers are and what they need from your organisation?

In a customer service organisation, your team are communicating with vulnerable customers every day.

Understanding and fulfilling their requirements are central to the success of your business.


Let me help you to engage with vulnerable customers, improve service provision and reap

the rewards of a caring company culture.


With expertise in the fair treatment of vulnerable customers, I offer tailored solutions to support business compliance, social responsibility and customer service excellence.

I ensure that your team are knowledgeable, competent and supported, so they can best meet the needs of vulnerable customers with confidence.


Tailored support to help organisations embed vulnerability into

their business culture.


Reviewing policies, processes, practices and

training resources​


Defining company purpose, objectives, and missions for vulnerable customers


Supporting the development of specialist vulnerable customer teams


Training courses designed and customised to strengthen customer-facing teams' awareness and understanding of vulnerability, as well as their skills

and confidence.

In-house and virtual courses


Train the Trainer programmes


Blended Learning Frameworks


Useful policies and toolkits you can download and start using straight away.



Vulnerable Customer Policy


Suicide Risk Mitigation and Prevention Policy


Customer End of Life Policy


Podcasts, blogs and webinars to expand knowledge

and understanding

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