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Building a Vulnerable Customer Programme

In this episode, Helen is joined by Nicki Osborne, the Customer Experience Manager at M & G Plc. Nicki talks about her role in leading the Customer Vulnerability Programme within M & G, and shares her experience and advice for others looking to implement an organisational vulnerability strategy.

1. Building a Vulnerable Customer Programme Helen Pettifer
00:00 / 35:26

Accessibility and Vulnerability

In this episode, Helen explores the topic of accessibility and the challenges vulnerable customers face when it comes to accessing organisation's premises, automated telephony systems. Helen also explores digital accessibility and customer's access to support.

​Accessibility and VulnerabilityHelen Pettifer
00:00 / 15:09

Is vulnerability still the right term to use?

In this episode, Helen is joined by David Murphy, a director for the Reach:Out service provided by Sigma Connected. David and Helen explore the term ‘vulnerability’ and how it is interpreted differently by organisations and customers.

​Is vulnerability still the right term to use?Helen Pettifer
00:00 / 40:56

Picking at Perfection

In this episode, Helen shares an extract from her guest appearance on the podcast 'Picking at Perfection' with Alistair Barton. Alistair's talk show based podcast aims to break down barriers between society and its perfectionist expectations.

​Picking at PerfectionHelen Pettifer
00:00 / 08:44

The Timpson Foundation

In this episode, Helen is joined by Darren Burns, the National Recruitment Ambassador for the Timpson Group. Darren talks with Helen about The Timpson Foundation which specialises in the recruitment of marginalised groups within society.

The Timpson FoundationHelen Pettifer
00:00 / 32:05

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Access to cash

According to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) research, 1 in 6 adults found it harder to make payments during the pandemic. This was due to several factors including bank and building society branch closures, travel restrictions and retailers accepting card-only payments.

Supporting Customers Through Short-term Vulnerability

It can happen to any of us; we are ticking along nicely and then the rug is suddenly pulled from under our feet. Our daily routine and our plans are impacted. We know we will get back on track, but for now, we need practical help and emotional support. We are facing short-term vulnerability.

Supporting a company culture that values consumer vulnerability

As an advisory organisation, they are aware of the potentially complex and diverse vulnerabilities that consumers in Northern Ireland face. In order to deliver a consistently high-quality level of service and support, they were keen to develop the team’s knowledge and confidence in recognising clients...

Can you concentrate when hungry?

You have a form to complete, a meeting to attend or a deadline to meet. There is no getting out of it, but you haven’t eaten a thing all day. Can you concentrate on the paperwork, the conversation or the project? This article highlights a hidden vulnerability; hunger.

My take on the new guidance

As an advocate for the fair treatment of vulnerable customers, I was keen to read the Financial Conduct Authority’s long-awaited published Guidance. In this article, I summarise the key points that I have taken from the document. 


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