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What made the training so enjoyable was how Helen delivered it. She is extremely personable and used real-life stories and examples to explain vulnerability that made it interesting and thought-provoking. I would highly recommend the training for all organisations and hope to expand on this training in the future with Helen.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Not sure which modules to choose or looking to gain an insight into your team's current knowledge and understanding on ​supporting vulnerable customers?
Our free questionnaire will help you understand current skills and identify ​gaps in their learning.

Vulnerable Customer Training

I offer fifteen different modules in my vulnerable customer training programme.

From awareness and identification training, practical tools and techniques, to understanding regulatory guidance, I have every aspect covered, supporting you as you embed working with vulnerable customers into your culture.

My vulnerable customer training courses are designed to be engaging, practical and relevant. Whether online or in a face-to-face setting, all courses are delivered in a supportive, confidential and safe environment, and are designed around regulatory guidance on treating vulnerable customers fairly.

I always aim to provide training and support which is relevant to your organisation.


Select from a single session, or immerse yourself and your team in the full programme of vulnerable customer training. Each module is a 90-minute group training session.


A 1-day course typically covers 4 modules, and a ½-day course typically covers 2 modules.

Intermediate Level

These modules build confidence, resilience and empathy in staff who regularly communicate with customers.

Managing Suicidal Customer Conversations​


Building Resilience


Understanding Mental Capacity


Communication And Vulnerability


Bereavement And Grief


Financial Hardship, fraud and scams

Foundation Level

These modules help your team to access and understand the topic, and increase their awareness of vulnerability. 

Understanding Vulnerability


Identifying Vulnerability


Responding to Vulnerability


Understanding Coronavirus Vulnerability



Strategic Level

These modules focus on process and policy, evolving services to best meet the needs of vulnerable customers.

Understanding the vulnerable customer journey


Creating and implementing a vulnerable customer policy


Understanding FCA guidance


Understanding WCAG 2.1 Guidance (Website accessibility)

My Mission Statement

I will create and deliver training that inspires and motivates delegates to take extraordinary care of every customer they serve.

I will be an authentic and real-life example of best practices in communicating and engaging with others.

I will be a global mouthpiece as a challenger for good; transforming attitudes, lives and businesses.

I will empower organisations and individuals to provide opportunities for every customer, regardless of needs, to have their voice heard and needs met.

When We Work Together

I will treat you in a respectful and professional manner


I will listen to fully understand


I will create and deliver valuable training material


I will hold myself accountable to my service and company commitments


I will keep my promises


Managing Suicidal Customer Conversations

Virtual training course to increase awareness and understanding of managing distressing and suicidal conversations with customers.

This half-day virtual training course is ideal for anyone handling customer conversations on a regular basis, especially when the subject of suicide arises. The course also covers how to build and maintain personal mental and emotional resilience during and after these conversations.

Virtual training course to increase awareness and understanding of vulnerable customers

This half-day virtual training course is ideal for anyone looking to build the skills, confidence, and tools in understanding, recognising, and responding to customers experiencing vulnerability.

Identifying and Responding to Vulnerable Customers



Understanding & Supporting Bereaved Customers

Virtual training course to increase awareness and understanding of bereaved customers

This 2-hour training course provides a solid understanding of bereavement, how it may impact customers and the way in which they engage with organisations. We will explore how to support bereaved customers with empathy and respect in practical and reasonable ways to avoid any additional distress.

Book On To Vulnerability Training

I regularly host open courses, training days, and workshops covering all aspects of vulnerability training, handling vulnerable customers, improving customer service and customer experience by supporting vulnerable customers, managing risk and compliance related to vulnerable customers, and embedding vulnerability best practices through HR activity. 

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