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I'm On A Mission - Will You Join Me?

It is my personal mission to work together with industry leaders, government policy makers, and voluntary sector organisations to challenge and evolve the whole ethos and culture of how we approach vulnerability within our communities.

I will inspire these key influencers within our society to believe in the importance and value of recognising, empowering and supporting vulnerable people.

Hello, I'm Helen

The Vulnerability Lady

I'm a mum to a son with complex special needs, and I have personally experienced the challenges your customers struggle with.

How Did I Get Here?

Believe it or not, my mission started on the kitchen floor. I have always had a strength of will to push through adversity, but the challenges I faced in supporting my son through his early years often brought me to the very edge of my endurance. Sitting down on the kitchen floor to cry my eyes out was the only way I could release the emotions that threatened to overwhelm me on a daily basis. It shouldn't be so hard to get help when you are struggling like that. From that crucible of anger, anxiety, and distress poured a red-hot determination to evolve our society. We must be better at supporting the vulnerable within our communities. We must give them the strength and tools to keep going. We must be kinder to those who find themselves on the kitchen floor praying for strength and hope.

I Am Motivated By 'Making A Difference'

I do what I do because I feel called to it. I have lived through the challenges I am trying to simplify or solve for others like me. I am driven by much deeper motivations than profit, and my thrill moments come when I inspire employees/delegates to become catalysts for change.

I Live By The Standards I Seek To Inspire In Others

I treat everyone with respect, and welcome them without judgement. In everything I do, I am authentic and approachable, kind and understanding, committed and reliable.

I Help Deliver The Change I Hope For

My efforts to foster a paradigm shift in how vulnerability is viewed and supported go beyond simple campaigning. I have made it my personal mission to work with leading individuals and organisations to challenge and evolve the whole ethos and culture of how we approach vulnerability.

3 Things To Know About My Why


Behaving and communicating in a way that ensures everyone I interact with feels valued and heard.


Continuously learning and developing my knowledge, skills and programmes.


Looking for every opportunity to encourage and motivate others in my daily life.


Committed to always doing the right thing.


Respectfully accepting everyone’s uniqueness.


Actively listening to fully understand needs and expectations.


Providing engaging and impactful services which improve my client’s business performance and productivity.

My Values

"I have a vision to instil a desire in individuals to treat others fairly, respectfully and kindly, without exception, to create a world in which everyone feels valued and heard."

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