Training Course - Module 1 - Understanding Vulnerability



My ready-made, off-the-shelf training course modules are great if you have an in-house training team wishing to train staff on how to support vulnerable customers.


Understanding Vulnerability, a critical starting point in the Financial Conduct Authority's Guidance on the Fair Treatment of Vulnerable Customers, is the subject of this first in a series of modules.


This training course package includes all the materials you need to effectively run the course in-house as many times as you need:

  • full trainer notes
  • learner’s workbook
  • supporting PowerPoint slides
  • learner’s certificate of completion



Course details

This course explores the topic of vulnerability and discusses a variety of vulnerable situations and circumstances individuals may experience and how this impacts them, especially when engaging with organisations.


Course duration – 90 minutes

(with the option to increase with additional exercises and discussion activities provided)


Course Objectives

By the end of this session learners will be able to:


  • Understand what is meant by the definition ‘Vulnerable Customer’
  • Recognise a wide range of situations and circumstances that can lead to vulnerability
  • Define the 6 drivers and 5 impacts of vulnerability


Course Agenda

To achieve the objectives, the course covers:


  • The definition of a vulnerable customer
  • The 6 drivers of vulnerability
  • The 5 impacts of vulnerability
  • The nature and scope of vulnerability



Who is this course aimed at?

This course is designed for people working with and creating inclusive service provision for vulnerable customers in their organisation.  


This training course has been designed to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of circumstances and situations that can lead to vulnerability
  • Understand the impacts vulnerability has on individuals, especially when engaging with organisations



What’s included?


Course Overview

A 1-page guide to the course, including timings and what you’ll need to deliver the session.


Trainer notes

32 page detailed and clearly presented trainer notes, providing options for both classroom and virtual training.

Optional Extras have been provided throughout if a longer course duration or further discussions/activities are required.


A series of questions are provided at the end of the trainer notes to check the learners’ understanding of the key learning points.


Learner’s Workbook

13 page supporting workbook for learners to capture notes, compile responses, and add their reflections and action plans.


PowerPoint Slides

PowerPoint slide deck to support the course content and delivery.


Learner’s Certificate

A certificate template to congratulate learners on completion of the course.


Please note:

The training course material will be available for download immediately after purchase.

Materials are provided in PowerPoint and PDF format and are downloadable from a  zip file.


Further modules will be available soon.