How did we get here?

I’m a mum to a son with a rare condition and complex needs. It was challenging supporting him through his childhood and often there were times when I found myself huddled and sobbing on the kitchen floor. Overwhelmed with the frustration, exhaustion and difficulty in accessing support.

I have always had a strength of will to push through adversity, but the challenges I faced in supporting my son often brought me to the very edge of my endurance.

At this lowest of times, I made a commitment to make a difference. I committed to channelling my anger, frustration, and distress into something positive. This situation wasn’t going to break me. Instead, it would be the driving force to enable me to improve the support offered to vulnerable customers in our communities.

From that point, I steadily gained experience, insight and accreditation to develop valuable training and consultancy services. Helen Pettifer Training was launched in 2016 with the aim of helping organisations understand vulnerability drivers and how to embed good practice.

When the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) introduced the ‘Fair Treatment of Vulnerable Customers’ in 2021, I was already working with financial firms. The need to comply with regulations, coupled with recommendations, catapulted demand for my services. I am proud to have worked with many leading financial, utility, public sector and not-for-profit organisations. Their teams are now better equipped to identify, respond to and provide support to vulnerable customers.

Business growth is fantastic and it forced me to accept that I couldn’t do this alone. Initially, I engaged freelancers, including Catherine. Then in 2023, Stefanie and Lewis joined the team. Every team member shares my values and are as committed to making a tangible difference as I am. We make a great team!

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