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Vulnerable Customer Training

Providing consistently fair and helpful services to customers facing vulnerable circumstances demands understanding, empathy and confidence. My training and mentoring equips your team to respond appropriately to sensitive disclosures and to respect the customer’s best interests.

Vulnerable Customer Consultancy

An inclusive company culture is essential for embedding policies, procedures and processes that support customers and employees facing vulnerable situations. My tailored consultancy services guide the design and implementation of a robust and compliant strategy.

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Use my downloadable resources to develop your teams’ understanding of, and responses to, vulnerability. My guides, training materials and resources equip you to deliver positive customer experiences that enhance reputation, retention and revenue.

What Makes A Customer 'Vulnerable'?

There are four main drivers that can lead to a customer becoming vulnerable, and whilst they frequently happen unexpectedly, there can be warning signs to look out for. If you would like to learn more, you can find lots of information in my blogs, articles, and podcasts.

53% Of UK Adults Are Vulnerable

The % of adults currently experiencing at least one characteristic of vulnerability in the UK at any given time. This includes adults experiencing temporary, sporadic, or long-term vulnerability.

The Purple Pound Is Worth £274bn

The purple pound, which indicates the spending power of more than seven million disabled adults in the UK, is worth over £274bn, which is 13.98% of the UK economy. This does not include all vulnerable adults.

97.5% of my delegates feel more confident

97.5% of delegates who have attended my training courses over the past quarter feel more confident and equipped to manage vulnerable customer conversations. Read more reviews at CourseChecker.

Helen taught me many areas in this vast topic. I have a much larger understanding now and I know exactly how I will use the knowledge and communication techniques moving forward. Thank you Helen! 

Jessica Woods

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Thank you for making me aware of the importance of identifying and addressing vulnerable customers. This new knowledge will encourage me to improve customer experience on our platform.

Franklyn I

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Helen was extremely knowledgable and provided lots of thought-provoking facts and experiences that can be applied in a professional and personal manner. I genuinely feel better equipped to do my job.

Jake R

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Having a strong strategy for supporting vulnerable customers, confident and well-equipped frontline teams to assist customers in need, and up to date policies and procedures for dealing with customers in vulnerable situations (which meet FCA guidelines) can:

Grow Revenue

Improve Retention

Enhance Reputation

Book a discovery call with me today to learn more about the business benefits of supporting vulnerable customers.

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