Whatever the circumstances, the death of a loved one or a terminal diagnosis can be heartbreaking and challenging.

Understanding how bereavement and terminal illness may impact customers is an essential training need for customer-facing teams. We explore how practical and emotional support can make it easier for those in distress to engage with your organisation. In addition, we advise on ways to navigate conversations and direct customers to relevant support.

Conversations about bereavement, grief and terminal illness are difficult. In learning appropriate, tailored responses, delegates will be better prepared to manage their and the customer’s emotional resilience. In turn, this will lead to improved outcomes.

This course is particularly relevant to Banks, Life Insurance and Estate Planning firms. Also, Funeral Services, Healthcare, Hospices and Legal Services dealing with wills and estates. Delegates will have the opportunity to reflect and share good practices. Equally, there are opportunities to participate in activities and discussions.

Benefits to your organisation.

Investing in vulnerable customer training aligns with ethical, legal and regulatory principles. It also contributes to the overall success, reputation and sustainability of your organisation.

  • Compassionate interactions during times of grief can lead to stronger, more meaningful relationships with customers and potential customers.
  • Effectively handling bereavement & terminal illness support can minimise the risk of harm to the customer and help the organisation maintain a positive reputation.
  • Staff trained to handle conversations about bereavement and terminal illness are better equipped to adapt to the unique needs of customers during challenging times.
  • Providing appropriate support to grieving customers demonstrates compliance with legal and ethical standards of customer care.

Learning outcomes.

  • Understand bereavement and how it can shift customers’ priorities
  • Recognise the impacts of bereavement and the importance of tailoring responses to individual customer needs
  • Know and use appropriate bereavement terminology and responses
  • Identify a range of practical steps to support bereaved customers
  • Understand the importance of supporting someone planning their end-of-life
At a glance.

This 1/2-day course is ideal for anyone who regularly handles customer conversations, especially when the subject of bereavement and terminal illness arises.

Who should attend?

  • Customer-facing staff
  • Claims handlers
  • Complaints handlers
  • Vulnerability Champions and leads
  • Customer Service Team Leaders
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